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+ Is the vaccine safe?

The vaccine’s technology has been studied for years and is proven to be safe. But, as a precaution to those who are pregnant, have severe allergies, or are immunocompromised, we advise talking to your doctor prior to being vaccinated.

+ How effective are COVID-19 vaccines?

Both Moderna and Pfizer report 95% efficacy at preventing mild and severe symptoms of COVID-19. However, it is still unknown how well the vaccine prevents you from spreading COVID-19.

+ What is the vaccine?

The vaccines authorized for use in the United States are messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines. mRNA vaccines are a new approach to vaccines. Most other vaccines put a weakened or inactive germ into our bodies to trigger an immune response. mRNA vaccines instruct the cells in making proteins that trigger the immune response that creates antibodies and protects us from getting sick.

+ Can the vaccine give me COVID-19?

The vaccines do not contain the live virus that causes COVID-19 and, therefore, cannot give someone COVID-19.

+ Will I be immune to COVID-19 after my first shot?

No, the first dose of the mRNA vaccine is 52% effective in protecting from COVID-19 after two weeks. Upon receiving the second dose, Moderna reports a 95% protection rate in patients after two weeks.

+ After I am fully vaccinated, am I immune to COVID-19?

The vaccine does not provide immunity against COVID-19. However, the COVID-19 vaccine is 95% effective in protecting individuals from both mild and severe symptoms of COVID-19. In other words, you are not immune but you are far less likely to have as severe symptoms after getting vaccinated if you were to contract COVID-19.

+ How long does the vaccine take to work?

Full protection is reached two weeks after your second dose. Some protection is provided one week after the administration of the first dose, but this effectiveness is 52%. In other words, both doses are required in order for the vaccine to be the most effective.

+ Will I feel sick after getting vaccinated?

Common side effects include muscle soreness, pain, and swelling at the local injection site. Other commonly reported side effects throughout the rest of the body include body aches, headaches, chills, and fevers that typically resolve within a few days. These side effects are normal signs that your body is building protection. Serious reactions are uncommon.

+ Do I still have to wear a mask if I'm vaccinated?

Yes, mask wearing – in addition to other precautionary measures – is still recommended. While the vaccine does drastically decrease the chance of becoming ill with COVID-19, it is not 100% effective. The vaccine protects you from getting sick, but it may not protect against you infecting other individuals. Additional studies are needed to understand the vaccine’s efficacy in preventing transmission, but in the meantime, precautionary measures should be followed.

+ What happens if I miss or delay the second dose of the vaccine?

Missing the second dose of the vaccine lowers protection against the virus. Two doses are required for the vaccine to reach its maximum efficacy of 95%. There is currently no information available regarding how much delaying the second dose could reduce the vaccine’s efficacy. The recommended timeline for receiving the second dose of Pfizer is 21 days after the first dose. For Moderna, the recommended timeline is 28 days after the first dose. Efficacy of the vaccine after the recommended amount of days after the first dose was not specifically studied in trials.

+ What happens if a patient gets infected in between the first and second dose?

As the first dose is only 52% effective in protecting against COVID-19, it is very possible that those who have already received the first dose can become infected and ill with the virus that causes COVID-19 in the time between doses. Therefore, precautions – such as mask wearing, washing hands, avoiding large gatherings, maintaining social distance – should be taken even after the vaccine is administered.

+ Will a diagnostic test still be accurate after I am vaccinated?

The vaccine does not cause you to become infected with COVID-19; therefore, testing for SARS-CoV-2 will still be accurate.

+ How much does the vaccine cost?

The federal government is providing the vaccine free of charge to all Americans at no cost to you.

+ Should I get the vaccine if I'm pregnant?

There is limited data about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines for pregnant individuals. People who are pregnant may still choose to get vaccinated, however, we highly recommend speaking to your PCP prior.

+ Can babies or children get vaccinated?

The Moderna vaccine has been authorized for those aged 18 and older. The Pfizer vaccine has been authorized for those aged 12 and older.

+ What is a vaccination card?

Upon receiving the first dose of the vaccine, individuals are given a vaccination card. This card includes the date and type of vaccination administered as well as the date of the individual’s next vaccination. Do not worry if you lose your vaccination card as it is not the only existing record of your vaccination.

+ Should I get the vaccine if I'm currently infected?

If you have had or currently have COVID-19, it is recommended to wait until symptoms go away before getting vaccinated. If you received a monoclonal antibody treatment, it is recommended to wait 90 days before getting the vaccine.